Eventers and jumpers take elite at Solihull 1 Futurity

Tuesday 30th August saw the first day of the final venue of the Baileys Horse Feeds/ British Breeding/British Equestrian Federation (BEF) Futurity at Solihull Riding Club in the West Midlands. A total of four young horses took elite premiums on this Futurity day devoted to potential eventers and show-jumpers.

An elite Futurity premium indicates that the horse has the potential and outlook to perform at international level.

Lisa Maynard and Chris Jackson of Mayjack Sporthorses’ two-year-old colt, Balou For Pleasure (Balou Du Rouet x Broadstone Landmark) took an elite premium of 9.20 in the jumping section. This was the top score of the day at Solihull and the highest score awarded to a two-year-old for the entire 2016 Futurity series. Balou For Pleasure also earned an elite Futurity premium as a foal and a higher first score as a yearling.

Lisa said: “Balou For Pleasure who is known as Clint at home is a very exciting young horse. We started breeding horses when I was pregnant with my now three-year-old son and had a break from riding.  I would love to ride Clint myself, but with the talent he has, I just want to do the best thing for him and give him the best possible chance of success.” Clint will stay entire and Lisa is hoping to go for licensing with the British Warmblood and Oldenburg studbooks. She hopes he will combine a career jumping with stallion duties.

Clint was exhibited at the Futurity by, Carsten Sandrock from Lynne Crowden’s Woodlander Stud. Lisa continued: “Clint is currently at Lynne’s yard, it is great to have the advice from Lynne and her team as I am determined to be sensible and ensure that Clint goes on to fulfil his potential.”

Lisa and Chris also exhibited two eventing yearlings at Solihull, Flying Gravitas and Pleasure Mail. Both received higher first premiums, which indicate that they have the potential and outlook to perform at national level.

Mother and daughter breeding team, Sue and Abigail Cubbitt-Smith gained an elite premium with their filly foal, Lawford Petite Pomme (Leprince des Bois x Clover Echo) with 9.17 in the eventing section at Solihull 1. Abigail who is getting married in just two weeks said: “It must be beginners luck to do so well, as this is the first time we have been to the Futurity.  Breeding Lawford Petite Pomme was very much a family effort, my mum and dad were hobby breeders when I was young and they have continued to breed the odd horse over the years.”

Lawford Petite Pomme was bred from Abigail’s mare, Seapatrick Orchard County.  Abigail continued: “I evented Seapatrick Orchard County up to two-star level, she is just amazing to ride cross-country. We saw the stallion, Leprince des Bois at the Burghley stallion parade a couple of years ago and decided that we would go to him, to breed from the mare.

Long-term, Abigail plans to take Lawford Petite Pomme to compete in young event horse classes. She added: “It was lovely to go to the Futurity and have a professional set of eyes cast over our foal.  I thought it was great that the Futurity is an evaluation rather than a competition, so that there is feedback from the evaluator and constructive criticism.”

Hazel Offord of the WG Stud earned another elite premium at Solihull with a foal by her stallion, Silvester. Filly foal, Silver Chicago (Silvester x Chicago) gained an elite premium of 9.10 in the jumping section.  Hazel said: “Silver Chicago’s full brother, Carthago Chicago is now licensed as a stallion with Sport Horse Breeding Great Britain. He was just one of two stallions this year to attain a license with the studbook.” Carthago Chicago gained a higher first Futurity premium each year as a young horse.

Hazel has four foals due next year and continued: “Times are exciting with the horses. Silver Chicago is a very classy foal, she is a natural born show-off and she did very well at the Futurity. She is now for sale to a top competition home.  We love doing the Futurity and have been long-time supporters of it. Silver Chicago’s sire, our stallion, Silvester has now bred a total of 9 elite scoring youngsters and 35 that have scored higher first Futurity premiums.”

Sue Simmons’ filly foal, Clarissa of Westoak (Classic Juan x Fuerstenreich) earned an elite premium of 9.08 in the eventing section. Sue said: “I am delighted with Clarissa. She is a very bold and friendly foal. Her dam, Fareeda was a very good dressage mare. She came to me as her owner could no longer ride her and she wanted her to have a good home.  She came all the way from Kent. Clarissa is Fareeda’s third foal and the older siblings are now two and four and enjoying success on the show circuit.”

All five foals Sue has bred this year have now been sold, Sue continued: “Clarissa is the third foal her new owners have bought from me. She will have a home for life with them and will initially compete in in-hand showing classes.”

Richard Greer’s eventing filly foal, Battleheart Boobok (Cos Me Is Black x Alflora) gained a higher first premium of 8.92.  Richard has accumulated over 20 years of experience working with top riders in both the USA and in Britain in a multitude of equestrian disciplines.  He said: “I would dearly love to keep and produce the filly, she is the first foal we have bred, we have just registered the stud as Battleheart Stud.”

Richard added: “We are delighted with the score gained by Battleheart Boobok. We broke down on our way to the Futurity and had to get the mare and foal out of the trailer they had been travelling in, into a horsebox on the side of the road which was by means no way an ideal preparation.  Battleheart Boobok was a bit upset by all this and she didn’t show herself off to her best on the day, so I am over the moon that she still scored so highly.” 

Haydn Davies was another first time breeder to score well at Solihull, his eventing colt foal, HDI Maximus (Ramiro B x Cult Hero) took home a higher first premium of 8.92. Haydn, a keen amateur event rider was delighted with Maximus, he said: “He is a stunning foal. I have never bred a horse before, but so far Maximus is looking great. He has the talent, the attitude and the breeding. I want to produce him through the Futurity and young horse classes and either ride him myself or he will go to a professional rider if that looks to be the best plan for him.

“The Futurity was great, it was well organised and there were several big studs there on the day who were helpful to me. I found the nutrition advice from Baileys Horse Feeds also very useful.”

Maximus is out of a Cult Hero mare, Moonlight Sky that Haydn bought from Nina Barbour of the Harthill Stud.  Nina competed Moonlight Sky up to 1-star level eventing before she unfortunately injured herself. Maximus is her second foal, she also has a three-year-old filly.

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